Our Story

Back in 2005, the Ethnic Communities Council of Logan Inc set about creating a platform for Logan’s migrant farmers to connect with other members of their community by way of a fresh food market. Working closely with the Logan City Council to bring their vision to life they created the Global Food Markets, a friendly and social environment where the local community could come to buy and sell fresh produce grown in properties and backyards across Logan.

In the beginning there were only 5 Cambodian and Islander farmers bringing their fresh produce to sell on Croydon Road every Sunday. It took a few years but before long, the markets reputation for fresh produce at affordable prices saw them expand to over 100 stall holders.

With the continual help from Logan City Council and the QLD Government it has become an iconic and unique market, providing a range of rare fruit and vegetables not available from your local supermarket. Along the way the market started incorporating authentic Street Food Vendors from the local community, serving up a rich feast for the senses and putting the markets on the map for day trippers and locals alike.